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Advanced training methods to take your body to the next level of beauty and performance!

Get a body that performs as good as it looks!


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source url Select this program if you:

Want to improve your athleticism, strength and body composition

Have experience with weight training

Know how to calculate your 5, 3 or 1 rep max

Are comfortable calculating percentages of your 1 rep max

Have no limiting injuries that would prevent you from running, jumping or lifting weights

Have access to basic workout equipment found at most commercial gyms (dumbells, barbells, gym machines etc...)

Dynamic & Athletic follow  Programming

next What your plan includes:

Your own Personal Trainer to guide you every step of the way

Initial 1-on-1 Video Assessment with your Trainer via Skype

Custom Dynamic & Athletic diet plan optimized for fat loss and lean muscle building!

Personalized Strength Training and Cardio plan designed to burn fat and add lean muscle to sculpt the body you’ve always wanted!

Tips and Secrets from the Pros

Customized and Top workouts from some of the Bes Trainers in the Nation

Your Mobile Training App

  • On The Go Access- your workout routine and meal plan are right on your smartphone, iPad or computer!
  • Training Calendar –set up by your trainer so you always know what to do and when!
  • Video Exercise Demonstrations-not sure how to do an exercise? Our built-in videos demonstrate every exercise in your training plan
  • Workout Logging-Log your reps and weight! Your trainer will review your workouts and adjust your plan to keep you moving forward and busting through plateaus!
  • Body Stat Tracking-view your progress over time and actually see your success!
  • Results Graphing-see how far you’ve come and share with friends!
  • In-app Messaging -have a question about your workout? Send your trainer a message!
  • MyFitnessPal Integration-Log what you eat in MyFitnessPal and your trainer can view it in your Mobile Training account to keep you accountable and adjust your diet plan as needed!

Monthly 1-on-1 Video Check-Ins with your Trainer via Skype